Webinar: “A Climate for Peace”

  7 November, 2020
 Where: Videoconference
 Organizes: Peace Union of Finland and International Peace Bureau
 Type of event:

This webinar, with the participation of Jordi Calvo, coordinator of Centre Delàs, GCOMS international campaing and International Peace Bureau (IPB) vicepresident; is part of IPB’s annual council meeting, which this year will take place from November 6 to 9 (online). The Webinar “A Climate for Peace” will focus on:

  1. Early lessons of the COVID pandemic on the concept of Health and Development
  2. The links between Disarmament and Development
  3. Remarks by Sally Ndungu (IPPNW), Binalakshim Nepram (CAFI), Jordi Calvo (GCOMS & IPB) and Lucas Wirl (IPB)

For further information visit IPB’s website.