Local Peace Agendas

1. Building Local Peace Agendas

In recent years, violent breakouts that were previously inconceivable have occurred in certain European cities in France, Germany, Belgium, or the United Kingdom. The most prominent ones, the ones that hit the population the most, were terrorist attacks, which also made people feel more vulnerable.

Furthermore, social upheavals or outbursts have also been worrying – those that detonate with the arrest of a young person or the victories of certain sports competitions. Some types of violence are hidden, some are more visible, but all of them are insidious and must be identified and addressed.

2. Projects and experiences

Organisations, networks and research centers with a wide experience in the study of the peace culture approach to all forms of violence, work and promote the implementation of the Local Peace Agendas in Catalonia and throughout the Spain. Below we list the most outstanding projects that are being promoted in this regard and the experiences of implementing the Agendas that we have in our country and elsewhere.

3. Research and resources

As a result of research on the construction of peace in cities, the approach to urban violence, security policies for peace, human security and human rights in peace and local coexistence, there are being published more and more reports, books, guides and reference materials that become basic tools for the construction of a theoretical, methodological and analytical framework for the construction of peace and coexistence at the local level.

4. Forums and resources

In recent years, civil society and local institutions around the world have promoted different meetings with the aim of opening a joint process of debate, reflection and construction of joint solutions that promote urban environments capable of eliminating all expressions of violence.

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