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Podcast: Chloé Meulewaeter on Global Military Spending & Demilitarization Efforts

Podcast: Chloé Meulewaeter on Global Military Spending & Demilitarization Efforts

Chloé Meulewaeter on Global Military Spending & Demilitarization Efforts, on Womanhood & International Relations Podcast.

How can we understand the rise of global military spending prior and during the COVID-19 pandemic? What is the military economic cycle and why is the State the biggest customer of the military industry?

In the calls for demilitarization, how can feminist and peace movements help decentralize militaristic values as the only way for “security”? An interview with Chloé Meulewaeter, Global Campaign on Military Spending Officer, Executive Director at Alianza Iberoamericana por la Paz and collaborator at Centre Delás for Peace Studies. Join us in this exploration, listen to the episode, subscribe to our newsletter here and support our community in Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/womanhoodir Save the dates!

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Centre Delàs for Peace Studies: https://centredelas.org/?lang=en

II World Peace Congress: https://www.ipb2021.barcelona

“The main goal of the Second IPB World Congress is to provide a space for gathering and sharing experiences for all involved in international peace and justice movements. A place where we can foster synergies between organizations and individuals, and between interconnected social movements fighting for global justice: peace and disarmament advocates, feminist and LGBTQIA+ campaigners , ecologists and climate activists , antiracists and indigenous people, human rights defenders and trade unionists. We want to promote the inclusion of a peace perspective within these movements, in order to better confront the global challenges of our time: climate change and environmental collapse, gender, racial and economic inequality, the Covid-19 pandemic, mass migrations, refugee crisis, humanitarian emergencies caused by war and repression, and more. This Congress is an opportunity for diverse people, groups and causes to share strategies and to articulate alternatives together. A space to create and renovate tools and discourse, to mobilize citizens from all across the globe in favor of peace and disarmament. A place where we can (re) imagine our world, and take action for peace and justice. We invite you to join us at the Second World Peace Congress in Barcelona, organized by the International Peace Bureau”.

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