Nora Miralles - 01/06/2021

Blurring the monopoly on violence: Private Military and Security Companies and coercive state power

The state’s role in security has been progressively privatised, from the military to the prison system. The result is a shadowy corporate world in which violence is facilitated, accountability is diminished and human rights violations and impunity abounds. The growing alarm over the security situation in Cabo Delgado (Mozambique), where more than half a million people have been displaced by...

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Alejandro Pozo - 07/05/2010

Report: Spain-Israel. Military, Home Security and Armament-Based Relations, Affairs and Trends

The violence suffered in the Palestine nation has become a source of earnings to the potential military industrial complex Israel, but also to other countries. In this report, we analyze the deepness of this relations revealing who are the actors, companies, arms trade and the military link between Spanish and Israel. Author: Alejandro Pozo Marín. Read and download the full...

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- 01/08/2008

Materiales de trabajo 24

Sumario:- Trencar el vell cercle de la violència. - Civil o militar? Aquesta és la qüestió, Pere Ortega. - La caiguda d’efectius de l’exèrcit professional, Tomàs Gisbert. - La privatització de la seguretat, Sander Ammann. - L'11-M i Unión Española de Explosivos, Pere Ortega. Para descargar el documento haga clic aquí.

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