European Network Against the Arms Trade (ENAAT) position paper on the European Defence Industrial Development Programme

ENAAT, of which the Delàs Centre for Peace Studies is a member, has expressed its position on European Union funding for military research and development in a statement.

In its statement, ENAAT specifies the main reasons why they oppose EU funding in the arms industry:

➢ Investing in arms is a bad economic decision and will not generate savings
➢ Subsidising the arms industry will not lead to a Defence Union or strategic autonomy
➢ Subsidizing the arms industry will exacerbate international turmoil by contributing to the global arms race
➢ Peace does not need more weapons, but an EU that defends sustainable paths to peace
➢ Parliament should open a big thematic cross debate, as the main decision is on peace, not on a hypothetical EU of defence or jobs and growth.

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