Global Days of Action on Military Spending GDAMS 2024

  12 April, 2024
 Where: Worldwide
 Organizes: Internacional Peace Bureau
 Type of event:

The Global Days of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS), which will take place this year between April 12 and May 15, make a call that wants to point out the high opportunity cost of huge military spending, under the motto «War costs us the Earth». This special period of actions is part of the GCOMS (Global Action Campaign on Military Spending) campaign of the International Peace Bureau (IPB) coordinated by Centre Delàs and which aims to demand large reductions in global military spending and the redirection of these public funds to meet true human needs.

We are witnessing the dramatic consequences of escalating global militarization, evident in the numerous armed conflicts around the world, notably in Gaza and Ukraine, but also in many other conveniently ignored places of the Global South. We are suffering the consequences of a militaristic approach to international relations and global emergencies, imposed by countries of the North, which are at the same time responsible for most of the weapons produced.
Moreover, the environmental impacts -direct and indirect- resulting from these conflicts and militarization further underscore the pressing need for peace.

War is costing us the Earth.

As we anticipate yet another increase in global military expenditure, our efforts during the Global Days of Action on Military Spending will be more critical than ever. The 2024 GDAMS include:
– April 15: Tax Day in the USA
– April 22: SIPRI’s release of new data on military spending (figures for 2023) + Earth Day
– May 9: Europe’s Day of Peace
– May 14 and 15: C7 Summit, organised by Civil Society to confront the G7.

You can follow all the activities, announcements and news of the international campaign on their website: