Statement from the Centre Delàs d’Estudis per la Pau on yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Catalonia

The Centre Delàs, committed to the culture of peace, solidarity, human rights and social justice, rejects and condemns the attack perpetrated in Barcelona and the foiled one in Cambrils, and at the same time shows its solidarity with all the victims, the relatives and friends who have suffered these attacks.

We call for civic responsibility, the defence of the rights and freedoms of all citizens, regardless of their culture and religion, and in this regard, we warn of possible outbreaks of xenophobia against those who are perceived as different.

We call on our rulers not to fall into the trap of a securitization that will not solve the causes that have led to the attacks and will instead cut back on citizens’ rights.

We also call for serenity. The consequences of declaring war on terrorism have been more deaths and pain where it has been carried out. Let us remember the disasters in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. War is never the way to resolve conflicts; on the contrary, it makes them longer and more difficult to resolve, and multiplies the victims and their suffering.

No violence is justifiable. However, we need to analyse and understand it in order to find solutions. We need to reflect on how to avoid attacks like this. Let us make Catalonia a country of all, open, diverse and peaceful. Let us ensure that the prevention of terrorism does not lead to the militarisation of our cities, that fear does not undermine the civil liberties that we have worked so hard to achieve. Let us make Barcelona and Catalonia a model of integration of cultures, of reduction of inequalities and an example of coexistence that puts an end to marginalisation and intolerance.

Let us make Barcelona and Catalonia a centre for the promotion of peace and non-violence in the world.

Centre Delàs d’Estudis per la Pau

Barcelona, 18 August 2017

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