Working Paper: Spanish arms exports 2017

Working Paper: Spanish arms exports 2017

Asia and the Middle East, the main destinations of Spanish weapons

Spanish arms exports reached two highs in 2017. Actually made exports during the year, which reached a total of 4,347 million euros; as well as export authorizations which, with a record increase of 280% with respect to the previous year, rose up to 21.085 million euros. This is analyzed by the Working Paper of the Delàs Centre of Studies for Peace “Exportaciones españolas de armamento 2017. Asia y Oriente Medio, los principales destinos de las armas españolas”, an update for 2017 of the reports carried out by researchers Tica Font and Eduardo Melero, on Spanish arms exports.

You can consult and download the full Working Paper in Spanish, in Catalan and in English.


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