The Campaign for Objection to Military Spending Begins!

The Campaign for Objection to Military Spending Begins!

For more than a year the Delás Centre and the SIOF (Information services for Fiscal Objection) have launched the campaign for objection to military spending. If you don’t want to contribute to your tax money towards military spending, join the campaign!

The State budget is financed with both direct and indirect taxes that all citizens pay. There is not much leeway on control over indirect taxes, an intentional maneuver from the State, but the there is considerably more freedom as it comes to direct taxes. Fiscal objection will make it clear that we will not collaborate with military spending.

Conscientious objection to military spending is an act of civil disobedience, as well as a denial of any cooperation with the State in preparation for war and the industrial military complex as a whole. This translates into active civil disobedience at the time that taxes are collected.
Becoming a tax objector does not mean paying less taxes, but rather giving new destinations for our tax money such as social services and supportive governmental action. Apart from the apparent objections to military matters, this act likewise demonstrates strong social solidarity.

War tax decides who where your tax money is diverted as a result of one’s objection. After years of campaigning from groups advocating tax resistance, they have proposed “collective projects” which divert tax objectors to facilitate visibility of the positive impacts of the tax resistance.

Tax resistance is easy to do. You can divert the percentage to the ministry of defense according to a State budget, or set a fixed amount as well. To learn how to do this, contact us and we will orient you on the process of tax objection.

Because we do not want to finance any war or its preparation, we participate in tax objection as well.

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