Report 59: “Financing Mediterranean militarisation and the border war”

Report 59: “Financing Mediterranean militarisation and the border war”

The European Union has continued to increase the control over the people who enter and leave its borders, making its frontiers more impenetrable by intensifying the physical and mental militarization of those. Concurrently, these last few years there has been an emphasis on what we have badly named “the refugee crisis”: where a lot of people migrate from their country of origin due to social and armed conflicts to European borders where they find a fortress that violates their rights and revictimizes them again. Some of these people lose their lives during the journey through different countries to reach our borders, some lose theirs trying to cross them and some die on the Mediterranean Sea due to the passivity and negligence of the European Union.

This report shows how Spanish banks finance the border war in the Mediterranean. Everything suggests that military, security and control activities could not be carried out on Spain’s Southern Border without their support. These actions have been widely documented as causing the death of thousands of people every year. The main Spanish banks, especially BBVA and Banco Santander, are therefore jointly responsible for one of the most flagrant tragedies of our times. And, if we are their clients, it’s highly likely that they do so with our money.

Authors: Gemma Amorós and Edu Aragón

Read and download the executive summary in English, in Spanish and in Catalan; and the full report in English, in Spanish and in Catalan.


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Posted in Barcelona, el 17/03/2023
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