Pere Ortega

Contemporary History Degree and postgraduate in Public Finances (UB). President of the Centre Delàs d’Estudis per la Pau and Conflictology professor in the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Honorary of Centre Delàs d’Estudis per la Pau. Former President of Federació Catalana d’ONG per la Pau (NGO Catalan Federation for Peace). Peace, nonviolence, disarmament and conflicts researcher. Blog: Crónicas Insumisas (Público)

Lines of research


Report 61: “The argument against and alternatives to war. On the War in Ukraine”

Report 58: “Spanish military budget sees a massive increase in 2023. The myth of 2% spending on Defense is overcome”

Report 55: “Transnational corporations, warmongering and the climate emergency”

Report 53: “NATO, building global insecurity”

Report 51: “Prepared for war. How militarism permeates our societies”

Report 50: Spain’s real military expenditure for 2022. Investments in weapons shoot up the Defence Budget in the middle of the pandemic

Security policies for peace. Another security is possible and necessary

“Is it a war? Jihadism and terrorism”

Working Paper: The military budget of Spain continues to grow

The War Economy

Report 34: The Absurdity of Military Spending: Analysis of the Budget of defence in Spain, 2017

Report 33: The weapons bubble and the military industry in Spain. Special Armament Programs

Treinta preguntas sobre la OTAN. Treinta años después del Referéndum

Report 26: Fraud and improvisation in military spending. 2016 Spanish military budget analysis

The Spanish military-industrial complex

Report 25: Inertia, waste and fraud in the military expenditure. Spanish Defense budget analysis in 2015

Las Violencias en América Latina

Report 21: Militarism in North Africa

Materiales de trabajo 48

The Dark Side of Military Expenditure. The 2014 Military Budget

Report 17: The military industry in Catalonia, an unsatisfied desire

The Crisis and the Inevitability of Cuts in Military Spending.

Report 14: Truth and lies in the 2013 Spanish military budget

Materiales de trabajo 44

Report 12: The military industrial complex

Militarism in Latin America

Report 7: The Truth About the Spanish Military Expenditure 2011

Report 5: Spanish military expenditure and R&D 2010

Materiales de trabajo 36

Deconstruir la guerra

Report 3: Spanish military expenditure 2009

Materiales de trabajo 31

El militarismo en España

Materiales de trabajo 30

Noviolencia y transformación social

El ciclo armamentista español. Una panorámica crítica (1989-1999)