Report 61: “The argument against and alternatives to war. On the War in Ukraine”

Report 61: “The argument against and alternatives to war. On the War in Ukraine”

Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine turned a widespread social conflict and the armed conflict along the Russia/Ukraine border into a conventional war after the invasion in 2022, contravening the international right to national territorial sovereignty. Like all Western wars, this war has sparked new and old debates at various levels of society. Issues such as the best defence models, involvement in wars in other countries, the arms trade, the role of international bodies in global conflicts, and the shaping of global geopolitics once again dominated the news and our social discourse.

This report stands against this war, and against all wars. It draws on some of the most common social arguments, debates and narratives that spring up when a new war breaks out, to challenge the hegemonic militarist narrative by providing a few of the ethical and political reflections from political pacifism. We are aware that we will not be able to address all of them in a publication of this nature.

Authors: Xavier Bohigas, Pere Brunet, Blanca Camps-Febrer, Tica Font, Teresa de Fortuny, Tomàs Gisbert, José Luís Gordillo, Mario López, Pere Ortega and Ainhoa Ruiz Benedicto

Read and download the executive summary in English, in Spanish and in Catalan, and the full report in English, in Spanish and in Catalan.


Fellow researchers: Mario López
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Posted in Barcelona, el 11/12/2023
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