Xavier Bohigas

Doctor in Physics and retired professor at the Physics Department of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. As a member of the Centre Delàs, he focuses his research on nuclear weapons, military spending, military R&D and companies in the military industry. He is the author of several articles and reports on these topics.

Lines of research


Report 61: “The argument against and alternatives to war. On the War in Ukraine”

Working Paper “Analysis of the first R&D projects of the European Defence Fund”

Nuclear Weapons, a permanent danger

Report 58: “Spanish military budget sees a massive increase in 2023. The myth of 2% spending on Defense is overcome”

Report 55: “Transnational corporations, warmongering and the climate emergency”

Report 53: “NATO, building global insecurity”

Report 51: “Prepared for war. How militarism permeates our societies”

Report 50: Spain’s real military expenditure for 2022. Investments in weapons shoot up the Defence Budget in the middle of the pandemic

Working Paper: European Defence Fund

European public money for the military industry

Security policies for peace. Another security is possible and necessary

Delas Centre and Novact report: The transformation of the industrial-military complex

Working Paper: The military budget of Spain continues to grow

Treinta preguntas sobre la OTAN. Treinta años después del Referéndum

Materiales de trabajo 53

Report 26: Fraud and improvisation in military spending. 2016 Spanish military budget analysis

Riesgos y amenazas del arsenal nuclear

The incidence of human error in the handling of nuclear weapons

The Dark Side of Military Expenditure. The 2014 Military Budget

Report 13: Piracy in Somalia: An excuse or a geopolitical opportunity?

Materiales de trabajo 44

Report 10: The Missile Defence System in Rota. A further step towards world militarisation

Report 7: The Truth About the Spanish Military Expenditure 2011

Report 5: Spanish military expenditure and R&D 2010

L’OTAN, una amenaça global