Report 53: “NATO, building global insecurity”

Report 53: “NATO, building global insecurity”

A few days before the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit in Madrid and coinciding with the start of the Peace Summit organized by civil society in response to the Atlantic Alliance summit, the Centre Delàs of Peace Studies, in collaboration with IPB and GCOMS, launched a new report that presents an updated snapshot of NATO, taking into account the global context of simultaneous crises and increased tensions caused by the invasion of Ukraine.

The publication ‘NATO, building global insecurity‘, coordinated by Gabriela Serra, with researchers and collaborators from Centre Delàs, IPB and Greenpeace Spain, provides an analysis of NATO’s modus operandi, addressing its current security strategy and its operational capabilities, and providing historical, gender and climate justice perspectives. It also analyzes critically its role and influence in the construction of a global scale warmongering security, which builds a world with more war and militarization and, therefore, more insecure.

Coordinator: Gabriela Serra

Authors: Pere Ortega, Eduardo Melero Alonso, Tica Font, Nora Miralles Crespo, Teresa de Fortuny, Xavier Bohigas, Alejandro Pozo Marín, Javier García Raboso, José Luis Gordillo, Ainhoa Ruiz Benedicto, Reiner Braun

Read and download the executive summary in English and in Spanish, and the full report in English and in Spanish here.


Other authors: Javier Raboso (Greenpeace)
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Posted in Madrid, el 25/06/2022
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