Money and militarism. From Franco dictatorship to democracy (1939-2018)

Money and militarism. From Franco dictatorship to democracy (1939-2018)

This is certainly an ambitious book. On the first hand, it has the obstacle derived from the limited bibliography and documentation on a subject, the military expenditure in Spain, in which the issues related to defence are not transparent. On the other hand, because it looks for unifying criteria to give an overall view that allows to delimit the existing militarism in Spain, both under the Franco dictatorship, since 1939, as well as in the democratic stage, until the present time. And not only from the analysis, as there is a lot of it, but also from a clear position in favour of disarmament, demilitarisation and peace-building from the perspective of conflict transformation by non-violent means. It is essential to know about military spending, because behind the enormous suffering and destruction that wars produce, it is essential to know that they are also a business.

Pere Ortega, at the same time, deals with the role played by the military structure within the different political periods studied. And, in the process, he details the most important political events in its relationship with the peace and security of Spain during those stages. It also launches a severe criticism on the ideological line that armies and weapons mean more security.

Author: Pere Ortega

Editorial: Icaria Editorial

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