Ainhoa Ruiz Benedicto, Maria Fraile - 08/02/2024

Report 62 from Centre Delàs and Irídia: “Who watches the watchman? Border violence and impunity at Frontex”

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex), created to prosecute cross-border crime in 2004, has a long history of controversy. In a context where total global forced displacements are increasing by the millions every year, it is worth asking whether this EU-created agency is best placed to ensure the protection of forcibly displaced people. Irrespective of the question of...


Ainhoa Ruiz Benedicto, Alejandro Pozo - 03/10/2022

Informe 54: “Combat proven business. Exporting the ‘Israel brand’ to maintain the occupation and normalise injustice”

Exporting arms to Israel contravenes the spirit and letter of the law designed to reduce suffering and instability in many countries. However, exports to Israel are normalised, even encouraged, in the vast majority of weapons producing countries. Yet Israel has one of the world’s most important military industries, and in fact has a greater needs to sell than to buy...

Iris Blay - 16/06/2022

Working Paper “The use of drones for maritime surveillance and border control”

Since 2016, there has been a huge increase of the use of drones in maritime surveillance activities by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) as well as a substantial investment in the evaluation of needs, the implementation of activities and the acquisition of border control technologies. Likewise, the agency signed dozens of multimillion contracts to acquire new aerial...

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Ainhoa Ruiz Benedicto, Jordi Calvo - 30/06/2021

A militarised Union. Understanding and confronting the militarisation of the European Union

How is the European Union (EU) preparing itself for the challenges that lie ahead? How will it deal with the climate, economic and social crises we are facing? What steps is it taking to tackle the root causes of these crises? Answers to these questions are vital to those living within and outside the EU. The EU’s priorities and the...

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Pere Brunet, Ainhoa Ruiz Benedicto, Jordi Calvo - 08/11/2018

Report 35: Building Walls. Policies of fear and securitization in the European Union

This report published by Delàs Centre of Studies for Peace, Transnational Institute (TNI) and Stop Wapenhandel, reveals that member states of the European Union and the Schenghen area have constructed almost 1000 km of walls, the equivalent of more than six times the total length of the Berlin Walls,1 since the nineties to prevent displaced people migrating into Europe. These physical walls are...

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Jordi Calvo - 04/07/2018

Indra Sistemas S.A., weapons for war and border militarisation

Indra is one of the main military companies in Spain and one of the main defences and security companies in Europe. Indra has a strong presence in lobbies in Europe and a close relationship with the Spanish government (18.7% of its shares are owned by SEPI - a public government company), and this active lobbying has resulted in a large...

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- 14/05/2018

Expanding the fortress. The policies, the profiteers and the people shaped by EU’s border externalisation programme

The EU has made migration control a central goal of its foreign relations, rapidly expanding border externalisation measures that require neighbouring countries to act as Europe's border guards. The report "Expanding the fortress. The policies, the profiteers and the people shaped by EU's border externalisation programme", published by Transnational Institute (TNI), Stop Wapenhandel and Delàs Centre of Studies for Peace, examines...

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